Real Estate Law

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Real Estate Law

Acquisition and Sale of Domicile Properties

We provide advice to local and international businesses on the acquisition and sale of domicile properties.

The Construction Stage

Our advice includes all aspects relating to domicile properties, including construction law, planning law, the environment and aspects relating to the law of landlord and tenant during the construction stage and any possible subsequent considerations relating to a sale or sale and lease back.

Acquisition and Sale of Commercial Properties

We advise a large number of leading players in the property market on all aspects of acquisition and sale of commercial properties.

Knowledge of the Latest Trendsa We have knowledge of the latest trends in transaction models and advice and we have acted as the principal advisor in numerous transactions. Together with M&S’s other specialists, we provide full-service advice that comprises all legal subjects, for example:

  • Planning legislation
  • Construction conditions
  • Aspects relating to the law of landlord and tenant
  • Environmental issues
  • Drafting agreements that incorporate the relevant commercial terms and conditions for the transaction

It is important to us to provide personal advice so that all clients are satisfied with the handling of the matter.

Commercial Real Estate

We advise leading international investors, developers and property companies on all stages of investments in financing and development of business properties, from acquisition to sale.

Our advice includes matters relating to shopping centres, hotels, investment properties for residential and commercial purposes, production facilities and warehouses, etc. irrespective of whether the property type in question has been acquired for investment or development purposes.

Advice with a Commercial Focus

We act as commercial sparring partners for a large number of leading players on all aspects of property transactions. Our advice includes all legal aspects relating to commercial properties, and our objective is to use our industry experience to support our clients’ needs.


We collaborate with leading business property agents, mortgage banks and sources of finance in Luxembourg, and we have an extensive international network consisting of, among others, leading foreign law firms that are highly specialised in commercial real estate.


We advise on all aspects of landlord and tenancy law, including:

  • Drafting leases
  • Negotiations about changed terms in existing leases
  • Termination of the lease

Litigation in Landlord and Tenancy law We have extensive experience in providing advice on and litigation in matters involving rent reviews and termination of leases. We also conduct litigation over issues relating to the law of landlord and tenant on behalf of local and international property owners and property developers.

Real Estate Financing

We provide full-service advice to both lenders and borrowers in respect of lending for the acquisition of real property and project financing together with M&S banking and financing specialists.

Our Clients

Our clients include leading developers and local and foreign banks and in collaboration with them we have completed many large individual property financing transactions in recent years.

Sale and Lease Back